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7 Adsense Tips To Double Your Ad Revenue Free Within A Month!

If you have joined the blogging revolution that is sweeping the net, and you think you might want to make a little revenue – or a lot of revenue – from your blogging efforts, you need AdSense tips for bloggers.

Blogging has opened up an entirely new way of how non-technical people interact with the Internet, and now, anyone can publish anything about any topic – without having a website – and anyone can profit without even having a product!

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Why Adsense works?

Adsense for blogs make perfect sense. Google’s advertising programs are designed to work with sites related to the keywords for the ads that are being presented. Each time you add content to your blog, the Google spiders gobble it up. The more you update, the more the Google spider visits your page.

Ultimately, you move up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for the topics that you write about. You see where this is going. The higher your search ranking, the more traffic you receive, which ultimately leads to higher revenue from AdSense ads.

Why Adsense and traffic matters

The beauty of blogs is their potential for rapid growth. If you become known as an expert in your area of expertise, word of mouth spreads quickly and your blog can become very popular. So you must always teach something with every blog entry.

Revenue depends on impressions
More visitors, the better!

You want your readers to come back frequently and they will if they know they will learn something. Not only will your readers bookmark your blog and return often, but they will link to your blog enthusiastically as well. People in forums will refer to your blogs and discuss what they learned. Websites will link to you as a valuable resource. In short, an informative blog can grow very quickly if the information it provides is valuable.

If you want more traffic to your website, refer to my post on how to increase organic traffic.

It is important to write about specific topics and sprinkle your blog entries with specific keywords to get the best results – and the highest revenue – with your Google AdSense ads. There is a method to the madness. Start your revenue-generating blog by testing the waters.

Working Adsense tips

Decide what area you would like to write about and then do some keyword research. Research is easy if you use Google’s keyword tools that are available for use at

The keyword tools are located in your Google AdWords account. Yes, you need a free AdWords account to be successful but you don’t have to fund it to use the keyword tools. Look for keywords related to your subject that are high-paying. These are keywords where the bid amounts are high. Make a list of the top-paying keywords, and use that list to determine what topics you will write about.

Remember, you want people to visit your blog time and time again, and build up a readership, make sure that your blog is well written and informative. Don’t just target keywords for the sake of targeting keywords – the writing needs to make sense! Writing valuable content is the first step to generating traffic to your blog, and traffic is needed to profit from AdSense ads!

Integrating Adsense correctly

You are allowed to use the AdSense ad units in two different places on each page. You can accomplish this in a couple of different ways. First, you can add the AdSense ad code to the template for your blog. This is done through the control panel for your blog, and some knowledge of HTML is needed.

The other option is to paste the AdSense code directly in your blog post each time you submit a new post. You can use it once at the top and once at the bottom, or once after a few paragraphs of the post, and again after a few more paragraphs.

Get that code in there however you see fit – but then pay close attention to the results so you can see what is working and what isn’t. Tracking is everything if you want to make real money!

Why these Adsense tips works

They do work. All of the AdSense tips I have mentioned in this post works and I have confirmed them myself out of the experience.

Not only that, I follow these Adsense tips on my Google Adsense running websites and I must say that the results were mind-blowing. The click-through rate ( CTR) and impressions doubled just within a month which is quite amazing.

adsense tips that works

Get as many visitors as possible

80% of your traffic will come from search engines. You have to tweak your blog to attract the attention of the search engine spiders. Now, blogs are already search engine friendly.

However, there is a very big possibility that you would be competing with other blogs on the same subject. You have to make sure that once you upload your blog, it can outperform its competitors in the search engine rankings.

One way you can do this is by using the title of your post to match the keyword phrases you are targeting, plus put a sprinkling of your keyword phrase in the post itself. I am doing this with great results.

Best practices

Use a large rectangle block for your Adsense ads on your website or blog. These large rectangle block ads have been proven to be the most effective type of ads and generate the most CTR. Therefore if you’re not using this then you’re not maximizing your Adsense profits.

2. Blend your Adsense ads layout and color to match with your website or blog’s background color. Use the same color for both your website template and ads. This is to avoid your ads for being too attractive on your site, so that ‘ads blind’ visitors may click on them.

3. As for your Adsense ads link title, you can change the color to be the same as your post title. Make it looks like it is one of your posts. You can use blue color for your ads link title too, this is because blue color indicates link in most websites.

4. Don’t put all of your eggs in a single basket. This also means that the more websites or blogs you have, the better. If you want to concentrate just on a single website or blog, it will be fine, but you will need a huge amount of traffic to generate big money for Adsense.

For example, you can have a site that generates $25, or do you want to have 10 sites that generate $5 each site. Sometimes quantity does play an important role.

5. There is no need for you to write your own original content, you can use other people’s content which is ranked high in search engines. However, you must do this correctly, or else you’ll get banned by search engines.

These are just a few basic tips that you need to know. These basic ideas definitely will help your increase your Adsense profit, but they will not separate you from others, they will only help you start you to get started. These are no secrets

Find Article

, so spend on the information that everyone had known.

Why focus on traffic

Admit it. Traffic is the key to success. Even if you somehow got your website Adsense approved, it doesn’t mean you may earn from it.

Monetizing a blog with AdSense is way harder than using affiliate marketing tactics. Therefore, organic traffic is important in every aspect.

There are several tools you can use to boost your website views and traffic. Some of the best tools available in the market for this purpose are:


As mentioned above, there are a thousand useless AdSense tips that the internet is flooded with. It is important to try the safe and working ones to avoid waste of time and energy.

To increase your website’s earning potential, follow the AdSense tips I mention in this post. The more you can follow, the better it is.

I hope you enjoyed reading the AdSense tips I have compiled. Hard work, and you shall achieve what you want!

Thanks for reading. That was a long one!


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