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Best survey app to earn money in India: Paid for surveys 2021

Have you ever thought of making money online by sharing your thoughts and opinions? Here in this article, I am going to provide you with a list of some of the best survey app to earn money in India in 2021 to get paid for surveys. Use them to make a nice amount of money online right from sitting in the comfort of your home!

First, let me tell you one thing…You are not going to get rich overnight doing these online. But they can make you a good amount of some rupees ( Rs.7000- Rs.15,000) if you are really into it. After all, I can guarantee you that getting paid for surveys is fun!

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Before we begin, make sure to check out my list of some captcha entry sites that pays you daily without any investment in 2021.

In this post, I am going to discuss Google Opinion Rewards, Toluna Influencers, Swagbucks, and many many more companies like them. So make sure you follow up to the end..and don’t forget about the bonus section I promised!

What are Survey Apps?

Survey apps are platforms or apps that give you an opportunity to get a good amount of cash by answering different questions required for studies and research. This helps the organization or group collect the wanted data while providing an opportunity for people such as housewives and students to make a handful of cash, especially in 2021!

There are many Survey apps such as Google Opinion Rewards, Toluna Influencers, and more available on Playstore and Appstore from where users can download and use them..

Are Survey Apps Legit and Safe?

Yes, they are legit! From my experience, most of the survey apps on the Internet are legit and safe. However, users should be also aware of spammy companies and websites which offers a very high amount of money like Rs.1000 for filling out very short and simple ones.

Also, some of the websites may ask for sensitive information, be careful with that too..Overall, you lose nothing as there is no investment required to fill out different ones.

How can I earn money from filling surveys in India?

You can get a nice amount of cash in India if you do work for trusted survey offering sites such as Pollfish, InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and more. Answer the different questions asked about lifestyle, your opinions, and reviews about products and many other industries which can include anything from medicine to entertainment.

Best survey app to earn money in India for 2021

Finding high paying and legal survey offering sites and apps is hard and tedious work. Here I have created a list that contains some of them which can be trusted and give one decent money online in India. There is no investment required of any kind to start using them, that is, they are free of cost.

1.Google Opinion Rewards

Survey app to make money in India-Google Opinion Rewards.

The name says it all, and that’s it. Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app to make money bought to workers right from the world’s largest company, Google. Opinion Rewards gives you a decent size of online income, especially for those who want Google Play Credit that can be used for purchasing movies and other apps from the Playstore.

It is available on both android and IOS operating systems. You can download it from Playstore or Appstore. It works well on both ones. Getting started is easy. Just download and answer some basic questions about yourself.

Download Google Opinion Rewards or visit their official site.

2.Toluna Influencers

The big guy in this Industry. Toluna Influencers is a well established and very large website and app which provides surveys in India to make money.

Toluna Influencers have been around for a long time and it is a good place for someone who is seeking survey jobs. They pay you instantly, including in Paytm cash and many other ways.

What I like about Toluna the most is that they always have surveys available 24*7 hours of the day, meaning one will never be stuck on having no survey to fill out. Also, they give out very short and simple ones that do not take much time to complete compared to other sites. Definitely, a good survey app to earn money in India.

P.S:They also have a referral program through which one can make some additonal bucks!

Get Toluna Influencers now or go to their official site.


Zareklamy. The name may sound a bit strange to hear and spell, but this Zareklamy is a very genuine survey app and it is worth it.

You can precisely choose how you want to earn– by browsing websites, videos, ads. Leaving engagement on social media. Writing comments, reviews. Filling out surveys. Or by creating accounts or subscribing to the newsletters. And these options make Zareklamy stand out from other applications.

By following simple and easy instructions, just in a month, you can earn up to 15,000 rupees, without any of the additional taxes or charges. Also, there is no limit to how much one can get. There are also commissions for each referral you bring to their app. From my experience, this survey app pays the most.

Zareklamy survey app for getting money online
Zareklamy Dashboard

Install Zareklamy from this link

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4.Poll Pay

Another top survey app to earn money online. . Poll Pay is 100% legit and safe and is a very genuine one. It is hard to come by good survey apps you can make money from, especially taking the case of spammers and robbers out on the internet, and we are lucky that Poll Pay is here for us.

Poll Pay survey app for getting cash and gift cards

One has to answer simple questions like what is his or her favorite shoe brand and so on. This here is a very good survey app for getting gift cards, especially for our favorite amazon and for receiving PayPal cash or vouchers. You can work from home using your mobile or smartphone, both Android and IOS, for Poll Pay. It is available to download from Google Play and Appstore. It’s a great survey app to earn money in India.

You can download PollPay from here.


You would have probably heard of Swagbucks before you saw this post. This is because they are very famous and is one of the best survey app to earn money in India. Get paid for surveys of various kinds depending upon the age, location, and culture of the worker. They also have many other tasks for users such as daily poll, searching the internet, watching videos, etc…

Swagbucks is available for all IOS and Android users as of the current time 2021. They also have an amazing and cool referral program to benefit from if done correctly. That is a bonus point for anyone working for them. Also, they give out gift cards often for free.

Get Swagbucks or go to the official site.

6.Curious Cat

Curious Cat is a top legit app for smartphone users for filling out surveys. There is one cool thing Curious Cat provides compared to others, Curious Cat has no minimum payout or a minimum payout of just $1 for withdrawing the earnings.

You will earn points for filling out and doing simple and short surveys. These points can be converted into PayPal cash. Without a doubt, Curious Cat is among the best survey apps to earn money in India.

Curious Cat is one of the best survey sites to make money

Download CuriousCat now.

This completes our list of the best survey app to earn money in India!

Which survey app pays the most?

From this list, I would say that Zareklamy and Toluna Influencers are the survey apps that pay the most followed by Swagbucks, Curious Cat, Pollfish, and Google Opinion Rewards at the same level of payment. However, it should be also noted that it also depends on the complexity of the surveys done.

For getting more rewards, refer to the bonus section at the end for a secret tip that no others had shared with you!

Who offers the best surveys in India to earn money?

All of the applications I discussed above do a good job on this matter. However, I would personally agree that Google Opinion Rewards and Toluna Influencers are suitable for most of the users. They are currently leading the position in 2021 for offering the best surveys in India to earn money.

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Yes. Working on a couple of the finest survey apps to earn money would do good but it won’t bring anyone a ton of bucks to their pockets( Rs.7000-15,000 max). And that’s awful. But here is a secret tip: work on filling out surveys, and when there is no survey available, just go for doing captcha entry work.

There are many reasons why you should do this:

  • First, surveys are not available every time.
  • Some of them require a lot of time but pays less.
  • They are age-based, meaning a grandma could not do one that is aimed for a teenage boy.
  • May ask for a lot of sensitive information.

That is why I recommend doing captchas for getting any online income. You can check my list of captcha entry sites that pay very high. Don’t miss it out, it’s brilliant.

Wrapping Up!

Are survey apps worth it? Doing surveys to get some cash is a pretty decent thing to do considering that not much hard work and time is required for it. However, it won’t bring the workers much income online……and that is why I always recommend captcha entry works.

But except that, working out on great survey apps to make money is an excellent option for anyone including students, teachers, housewives, and everyone who has got some time to spent in front of the mobile or computer screen.

If you have a computer or laptop, I recommend working on survey sites instead of mobile applications to get paid for surveys. This is because there is a lot more choice for desktop users in choosing while compared to android or ios users. Always choose ones that are genuine, legit, safe, and trusted, and used by everyone worldwide.

Sharing is caring. If you could just share this post, then that would be the greatest thing you can ever do for me. Thanks for reading! See y’all later…


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