8 Best Online Captcha Entry Work Without Investment With Daily Payment In India!

Online Captcha Entry Works Without Investment

Making money online is one of the biggest dreams of many of us. However, most of the jobs on the internet require a good amount of skill for actually earning some penny. Here I am going to discuss a group of the best online captcha entry work without investment that pays you daily…

By solving some captchas typing them which doesn’t require any investment at all, one can get some good amount of cash in his pocket daily right from his own house without much effort and skill!

To say, captcha jobs are one of the perfect ways by which one can earn some bucks online working from home, especially in India!

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This article contains a list of some of the best online captcha entry jobs which require no input in 2021 for Indians such as MegaTypers, Protypers, Kolotibablo, and so on, and how one can actually get some money from solving them.

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But first,

What is a Captcha Typing Job?

A captcha typing job is a type of work in which one has to solve captchas that appear on the screen. These kinds of work usually require one to complete tasks such as ticking all boxes that contain a picture of a car, entering characters that are shown on the screen, etc..This is a work from home type of job and can be easily done by even a child of 8 years old.

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Is Captcha work genuine?

Yes. Captcha entry works are 100% genuine and can pay you some nice amount of money if you are willing to work. But also be beware that like in every industry, there are also some of them offered by those really bad guys which don’t pay you at all. Don’t worry, this list contains only websites that are genuine and pays you well for clearing out captchas.

How can I earn money by typing Captcha?

There are many companies and websites that pay for solving different kinds of captchas on the internet. To earn some cash, one has to complete the task that is given to him. This includes adding two numbers to selecting some images that may contain specific items such as a flower! This is done to verify that one is human and not a random bot trying to access the page or website.

If you are interested, you may join these websites and start earning income! Zero input required…

The Best Online Captcha Entry Work Without Investment In India

A collection of genuine websites that gives daily payment for completing captcha entry jobs.


KolotiBablo is been one of my favorite websites on this list and I am sure that it will always be. KolotiBablo is an amazing website that provides captcha works with a payment of around Rs.50 to Rs.150 for completing 1000 captchas.

If you are willing to do it for an hour and a half a day, you can easily be rewarded with about Rs.700 and up! They also have a nice affiliate system that gives you a commission for making others join the site…

Join Kolotibablo here


Megatypers is yet another website on the internet that provides workers with amazing tasks to complete. Many data entry workers earn like Rs.15,000 and more from Megatypers each month! They pay through Paypal, Western Union, Payza, WebMoney, etc.

P.S: They may ask for an invitation code for signing up on Megatypers. You can search on the internet for one!

Visit Megatypers now


You may have probably heard of 2Captcha if you are really looking for a data entry work. That is because they are so famous and has been around for more than 8 years. What I like about 2Captcha is that they have software and app for completing different captchas, especially recaptchas…

2Captcha has also an awesome affiliate program which anyone can join…and that is bonus!

You can use this link to visit 2Capthca


Protypers is exactly like MegaTypers. There is not much difference between them and you are free to join anyone you like. They offer daily payment without any investment. I recommend ProTypers to any Indians looking for captcha typing works online, irrespective of age.

Like I said before, Protypers may also ask for an invitation code. Google it and you will find one!

Signup For ProTypers


FastTypers is one of the excellent sources if you are looking for data entry jobs . They accept registration from all over the world and no investment is required. You can make around Rs.15,000 if you work about 2 hours a day…Put down as many as captcha images you can for a day and I am sure you can have a high profit from FastTypers!

Warning: This website may not be as stylish as other sites.

Click To Signup For FastTypers


CaptchaTypers is a fine site for any person seeking some ways to earn money online. The cash they pay is around Rs.45 to Rs.140 for doing 1000 captcha works. But if you make so many mistakes, your account may get temporarily banned…So make sure you type captchas without mistakes!

What makes them a perfect site for Indians is beacuse they have a direct bank transfer option available in India.

Join CaptchaTypers Here


Captcha2Cash is a very good website that provides captcha works to be done. I think now they have been merged with MegaTypers…Many people have profited from Captcha2Cash from all around the world.

Their minimum payout is just Rs.35 or something, which is very less compared to the other sites.

You may join Captcha2Cash through this link


Even though PixProfit has been a fabulous website for all these years providing their employees with daily payment on time and demands zero investments by users, they have currently closed any new registrations to their site( when I am writing this post, they were). PixProfit works like any other captcha sites.

But they frequently close and open new signups to their site. So if you want to be a laborer for PixProfit, you have to do a close watch on their official website to know about it.

Visit PixProfit now

And that completes our list for some of the finest captcha works providing sites for Indians. This article has been written by me based on my personal experiences, so if you find any mistakes in it, don’t hesitate to correct me out!

Advantages of Captcha Typing Works

Disadvantages of working out with Captchas

Wrapping Up

A summary of this post for a final read…

To say, Captcha typing works are one of the finest ways through which one can get some rupees. However, as I said, online captcha entry work without investment will not make you a rich guy or something but is a nice source for pocket money. It is a good choice for many, especially children, students, and house-wifes who have some time to spare in front of computers.

Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions through the comment. Also make sure you share the post.

Remember, sharing is caring. So if you could just share this post, that would make my day awesome!

Thank you for reading this article on Online Captcha Entry Work Without Investment With Daily Payment In India!“!

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